Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nats plan to sell off Kiwibank (probably to the bloody Australians)

Nats plan to sell off Kiwibank (probably to the bloody Australians to)
TV3 has an audio recording of Bill English saying; "Well eventually, not now”, to the question of selling off Kiwibank. Labour has argued that National had a plan to later sell off state assets.

Well, well, well, now we start seeing what National REALLY intend to do when in power, I mean who would have a problem with Kiwibank? Great adverts that stir nationalist feelings about being NZ owned and not whored out by Australian banks, the concept of Kiwibank is great, it’s delivering in every sense and yet the Nats who we forget are more ideological than Labour are 100% against the Government doing anything that the private sector can do, I think this will really shock a lot of NZers and my bet is that National are a lot more ideological than many suspect and they have a whole bunch of crazy policies that they intend to ram through the very second they gain power.

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