Sunday, August 3, 2008

Heart Ticks and National wanting more private partnerships

Milo gets a tick and a ticking off
Iconic childhood chocolate drink Milo has been given a Heart Foundation tick as a "healthy choice", worrying nutritionists who say the powder is half sugar. The dietary experts who include a Heart Foundation adviser say the coveted green tick will mislead people into thinking they can stop worrying about the sugar content. Manufacturer Nestle got the stamp of approval from the Pick the Tick programme by telling people to use less Milo and mix it with trim milk. Otago University nutrition professor Murray Skeaff, who also chairs the Heart Foundation's food and nutrition working group, says the tick is undeserved. "To qualify for a tick simply by changing the serving size recommendation I think is just not consistent with the principle of the tick. I mean, you could in an extreme situation say `I'll have half a piece of this chocolate bar instead of a whole chocolate bar', and it meets the tick.

This is what happens when you don’t fund the Heart Tick and force it to rely on the market, and I bet this sort of advertising masquerading as corporate partnership bullshit will escalate under National, my bet is their aim is to get Coke the Heart Tick, that would be their trophy benchmark!

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