Sunday, August 3, 2008

The ‘Debt for infrastructure’ Euphemism NOT Debt for tax cuts truth (Think Biggest)

Debt to pay for infrastructure
National will increase the nation's borrowing as a share of what it earns by two percent if it becomes government, a level the Government claims could be ruinous for the country's future. National Party leader John Key yesterday confirmed for the first time that the party would increase the country's debt-to-GDP target from 20 percent to 22 percent in order to fund nearly $5 billion worth of infrastructure spending. That means that rather than pay for large capital works from cash, as Labour largely has done, a National government would borrow the money.

Oh you gotta love these National cats, pretending to borrow for ‘infrastructure’ and not tax cuts is amusing when you consider next year we are predicted to have 5% unemployment and these ‘infrastructure’ projects are really gong to be privatization not in wolfs clothing, but in wolfs pin striped suits, National will share joint projects with Corporates who will have every intention of running whatever infrastructure they have just helped build and all of this will be rammed through the Resource Consent Authority ignoring pollution, over ruling district councils, forcing this all through with as little debate as possible.

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