Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crack dealer conference against P

PM warns on 'dirty' dangers
Overseas countries might exploit environmental concerns as new ways of creating trade barriers with exporters such as New Zealand, says Helen Clark. The Prime Minister, in a public dialogue with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, yesterday told an Australasian climate change and business conference in Auckland that New Zealand could not risk being seen as a "dirty producer". She said that as protective quotas and subsidies were knocked over, countries would look for new ways to create trade barriers. "I suspect they will be environmental," she said.

You suspect right Helen but I hardly call a $940 a ticket environmental conference attended by the largest polluters in the region will do anything more than the usual greenwash bullshit all the while the Arctic is predicted to be ice free by 2013. It’s like a crack dealer convention where they are discussing how to ban P – the crack dealers have no intention of banning P, but they want to look like they will, Government has to do less talking and more telling major polluters in our country that it is no longer business as usual.

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