Tuesday, August 19, 2008

50% of NZers think National aren’t being honest about their agenda

Half doubt National's honesty
National is sky high in the polls but some New Zealanders are suspicious about the party's plans.

The latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll found many voters believe National is not being honest about its policies, including some of its own supporters.

But the party leader John Key is seen as relaxed, approachable and friendly.

"I intend to campaign on trust. I intend to be a prime minister that earns the trust of New Zealanders and I'm going to keep that trust," he says.

Critics are questioning National's honesty after secret recordings of senior MPs suggested they are planning changes, like selling Kiwibank, without telling the public.

ONE News asked voters in the poll whether National is being open about its plans.

Fifty per cent say "no", while 37% think they are. And a quarter of National's own supporters say they are not being honest.

"We only have one agenda, that's the one we talk about, which is to make New Zealand a prosperous, confident and successful nation," says Key.

National believes it can improve New Zealand's prosperity by funding new infrastructure and will increase borrowing to pay for that. Fifty two per cent of voters disagree with that plan while 39% agree.

There is a rumor that National have done their own internal polling in the wake of the secret taping and that it has hurt them hard and that they are in a panic, and this type of poll is now starting to bear the fruit of that panic – 50% of NZers do not believe National are being honest with their policies – 50% That is a staggeringly high number, and even National supporters don’t believe their party is being honest – so the question we have to start asking is why would we vote for a party that 50% of us don’t believe are being honest and even Nationals major policy plank, the sly borrowing for tax cuts under the mantel of ‘infrastructure’ is nor believed by 52% of the electorate.

This is the start of a sea change in opinion and this poll is the first wave.

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