Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Law may make rape suspects prove consent

Law may make rape suspects prove consent
Accused rapists who plan to argue that sex with their victims was consensual may have to prove in court what measures they took to gain consent. The proposal is one of three changes to sexual violence legislation being put forward by the Justice Ministry. "Changing the law would send an important message about community standards and about what the law expects," ministry documents say. "In particular, there would be a reminder that consent has to be obtained on each separate occasion."
Under the proposal, if a defendant claimed sex was consensual the courts would have to look at what steps had been taken to find out that consent had been given.

This is a great idea, how many times have we had rape suspects tell us all that it was consensual and haven’t had to prove how they gained that consent – under this change rape suspects would have to prove how they gained that consent, forcing all people to have lift their game when out on the pull, consent is actual consent, and under this change suspects will have to tell a Court exactly how the victim claiming rape was consensually agreeing to that sex, it will have major social implications as to what consent means and with the high level of sexual assault in this country that is a debate that is desperately necessary.

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