Monday, April 13, 2009

ACT to privatize Auckland

Hide rejects accusation he misled John Key over super city
Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has denied accusations he misled Prime Minister John Key about his consultation with Auckland's mayors over restructuring plans. The Government on Tuesday said it would adopt the Royal Commission's idea for a single council for Auckland, but that it would appoint 20-30 "local boards" instead of six "local councils" to look after community matters. Mr Williams said Mr Key told TV3's Sunrise programme last Tuesday that "Rodney Hide did a lot of great work in the last sort of week or so, working closely with all the officials and listening to the community, spent time going out and talking to the various Mayors and different people". However, Mr Williams said the only mayor Mr Hide consulted with was Auckland City Mayor John Banks.

Of course ACT are backing this rushed through Super City to privatize Auckland’s assets, let’s recap on ACT shall we? This is a party that claims Global Warming caused by man made pollution is a hoax, this is a party that used the deaths of 78 NZers to grandstand on law and order and lied about how their medieval 3 strikes policy would’ve saved those 78 lives, this is a party that has allowed a drunk homophobe a position of power to try and screw around with our bill of rights because the Sensible Sentencing Lynch mob have taken over ACT (a group we are still not certain aren’t being given money from the private prison industry), this is a party that pretended in the last week of the election that their leaders vomit yellow jacket was being reported to the Electoral Commission for breaches of the EFA when in reality it was an ACT activist who made the complaint to create publicity and finally let’s remember that ACT are quietly setting up TABOR as a ratchet legislation to strangle public spending forever – this is a far right, extremist political party who want to privatize everything they possibly can, to pretend otherwise is just that, a pretense. To trust someone like Rodney Hide with a rushed through change as massive as the Super City that gags representation of Maori and locals when he’s been caught out lying already about his consultation process is utter madness. Rodney may have lost weight and learnt to dance, but he sure as hell ain’t changed his spots.

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