Monday, February 9, 2009

Telling Daddy State to fuck off is in my blood (you can take my DNA from my cold dead hands)

Law change expected to extend police use of DNA
Police will be given controversial new powers to take DNA from suspected criminals under a raft of law and order changes before Parliament this week.
Under the changes, police will no longer need approval from a High Court judge before someone is forced to provide DNA before they are convicted, with samples immediately matched against samples from unsolved crimes. The Criminal Investigation (Bodily Samples) Amendment Bill will eventually extend police powers to collect DNA to everyone arrested of an imprisonable offence with samples taken at the point charges are about to be laid. Samples will be destroyed in the case of acquittals or charges being dropped, but can be matched in the meantime. The bill comes after it was revealed police had stepped up the collection and use of DNA profiling, with the new hardline approach including samples taken from a man who stole vegetables from his neighbour's garden. It has raised further concerns from civil liberties lawyers who fear the system will be open to abuse.

Let me be very crystal clear I WILL NOT VOLUNTARILY GIVE THE COPS MY DNA IF ARRESTED! How dare National pass law to allow the cops to take your DNA merely for being arrested NO JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT WHAT-SO-FUCKING-EVER! On Sunday night on TVNZ was a drama on how the cops stitched New Zealander David Dougherty up falsely for the rape of an 11 year old girl by purposely ‘mis-reading’ his DNA and claiming it was him. If you are convicted of a crime, I have no issue with the Police taking your DNA, but merely for being arrested and not needing a Judge to sanction the taking of the DNA and seeing how the Police have previously used DNA to stitch innocent people up makes me incandescent with rage that National are simply handing our civil rights over to the cops without one word to the public justifying this gross intrusion of our rights. DO NOT GIVE THE COPS YOUR DNA – refuse to and make the pricks take it by force, resist EVERY attempt.

My personal pledge, I will not voluntarily give you my DNA Mr Officer unless it is spitting directly into your face, you can take my DNA from my cold dead hands (or unless I have been CONVICTED of a crime, I have no problems with DNA AFTER you have been convicted).

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