Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mainstream media allow John Key to have his cake and eat it to.

Aren’t we lucky to live in a country where the mainstream media actually do their job and hold the Government to account? I wouldn’t know because I live in NZ and our mainstream media do everything EXCEPT hold John Key to account, take Waitangi Day, if you had been watching Breakfast on TVNZ you’d have been left with the impression that this was the first time NZ ever HELD Waitangi Day. In Australia, Rupert Murdoch has been a major force in deforming ‘Australia Day’ into a Nationalist head fuck and our Little Brother media in NZ jumped on the same bandwagon with John Key hailed as some sort of reverse Moses who is un-dividing the red sea of NZ race relations.

What a crock of shit.

Why do so much of our media simply buy the fluff puff pastry of spin and focus on the meaninglessly empty gestures by National and not on the actual fucking policy that National have passed, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF WHICH is negative to Maoridom. We have 40 million sheep in NZ, 4 million can vote, and when they aren’t all baa-ing “C-h-a-n-g-e”, they are buying this fluff puff pastry spin that National are moderate because they have a window dressing relationship with the Maori Party, if the media spent as much time on POLICY as they have on John Key’s fucking broken arm we wouldn’t have this myth carry on.

The architect of National’s new ‘inclusive tent, European NZers only in management positions please’ is National Party svengali, Matt Hooten. In the Hollow Men (page 81), Matt implores Don Brash via email to fake an interest in Maoridom so that it would make Don look less right wing, appeal to conservative Maori and appeal to Urban Liberals. Don didn’t take Matt’s advice and ended up doing his racist “Maaaaaaaori get too much” speech. The blatant pandering to NZers garden variety talkback bigotry won him support but created a disgust from the centre and National lost, allowing Matt to try this strategy again, and hasn’t it paid divvies at the TAB. Somehow (mainly because the mainstream media are fucking idiots) John Key has been allowed to have his cake and eat it too, the empty gestures towards the Maori Party have somehow made him immune from scrutiny of the ACTUAL legislation he has passed, all of which is incredibly negative for Maoridom, let’s have a wee gander shall we….

Process: The first two weeks of nACTional were the worst abuse of process we’ve seen since National were last in power (1998) when they pack raped the select committee process by ramming through absurd legislation under urgency, a power never supposed to allow a 3 hour reading of a bill to go directly into law. For the Maori Party who have a long history since being in Parliament of reading and thoroughly researching all legislation and getting as much community feed back as possible to go along with this pack rape certainly means whatever crumbs they get off the land of the wrong white crowd’s table better be pretty bloody amazing, embarrassingly for the Maori Party they have all been major steps backwards.

Tax cuts for the wealthy: Seeing as the Maori Party were asking for a one off Christmas bonus for beneficiaries before the election and yet in their first week of ‘relationship mana enhancement’ they are voting in tax cuts for the rich as part of nACTional’s April Fools Day Tax cuts one could be forgiven for wincing when nACTional forced the Maori Party to swallow this dead rat. What happened to redistribution of wealth to those who have been marginalized by the process of colonization Hone Harawira?

Truancy fines increased to $3000: Seeing as Maori turn up disproportionately in truancy stats, how the hell does raising the fines from $400 to $3000 help Maoridom?

Medieval Law and Order Policy Maori once again are disproportionately reflected in prison stats, how does locking more and more of them up for longer and longer in an overcrowded, corrupt and racist prison system going to help? Wait, Simon Powers has an idea, let’s import Dick Cheney’s Private Prison Industry to clean up the mess, who do the Maori Party think National are building all these new prisons for? Do they think it will be the kids from John Key’s leafy suburbs who will go to these new prisons?

Dick Cheney’s Private Prison Industry: Fed the masses a hateful message and allowed hate to warp your social policy so much so that when a prisoner with obvious mental issues commits suicide in protective custody the masses cheer and this makes it difficult to justify the mountain of cash needed to fund this medieval law and order policy? No problems, have we got the solution for you, the Prison Industrial Complex, fresh from allegations of abuse in America, we will be importing private corporations to jail NZers in forced prison labour camps where the prisoner gets 60cents a day and the corporation picks up $12 in the hour, and remember if the prisoner doesn’t work, they can’t get parole. How the fuck will importing the Prison Industrial Complex help Maoridom? Is Turiana still clinging to the well funded former remand center that was a showroom prison to con politicians into allowing this abortion of justice to occur? Pity the Maori Party don’t listen to native American Indian activist Ward Churchill and his research on what the Prison Industrial Complex in America has done for indigenous people. A real pity.

Environment: For a party that sees itself as guardians of the natural beauty of NZ, how do they collectively sleep at night watching the ETS scrapped and the RMA gutted so community representation is minimized not to mention the farce of holding a select committee meeting that will challenge the science behind global warming. While NZ burns, mACTional fiddle.

Right to sack: Got a thing about Maaaris? No probs mate, National have set it up so that you can exercise your white god given right to get rid of them without all the politically correct pinko crap in the Employment Court. The Maori Party have weakly defended this as ‘giving a bro a go’ where employers will try on workers, this is nonsense and will create an environment ripe for worker exploitation.

Junk food back into schools: Pray tell how clogging the arteries and increasing the diabetes rates amongst Maori children will help Maoridom? Anne Tolley is the new Jim Bolger of National, proof that even without 5th form School C, you can still end up becoming Minister of Education.

Past the fluffy puff pastry of spin, National have only passed legislation and set policy that will hurt Maoridom, a farce the mainstream media have wholeheartedly sucked up and bought in to. Who is the relationship mana enhancing for, the Maori Party or the Maori people, because based on the policy, NOT THE SPIN, but based on the policy it is pretty evident who is getting dicked.

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