Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama sworn in: We are all Americans!

I predicted that the wildcard campaign of Obama would become President right at the beginning of the democratic nomination process because I believe we are a planet of human beings needing soul, many of us desire peace and justice for all and his articulation of the promise of democracy breeds a hope that does speak to the better angels of our nature. To watch a black man in a nation built by slaves with Hussein as a middle name during the war on terrorism become President is as much a victory to the people of America as it is to his immense talents as an orator and visionary leader. The excitement of the democratic promise fulfilled became globally contagious and for the first time, with the swearing in of Obama as President of the United States of America, we are all Americans!


Martin Luther King Jr may now rest in peace on the mountaintop as his dream has become our reality, what a beautiful moment in history.

The real work starts tomorrow.

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Stefan said...

Why don't we just wait and see Bomber.
He's just one man and we cannot guess how he will manage those around him who don't necessarily have the best interests of the American people at heart.

My empathy for humanity sincerely hopes your faith is not misplaced, my awareness of history makes me somewhat cynical.