Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The end of Bush – 8 years of incompetent horror and bankrupt intellectualism

He’s gone, there is a God, a Jesus, a Buddha, an Allah and a Vishnu. This easily manipulated imbecile with the intellectual capacity of a drunk child holding an Ak-47, who was so embarrassingly impressed and in awe of neo-con fantasies has finally left, his reign against reason has ended. His support of torture has ended, his support of an illegal war based on a pack of lies that has killed over a million Iraqi’s is over, his war against global warming science is over, his radical Christian nonsense towards celibacy as State policy has ended, his war against stem cell research is over, his many, many, many, many mistakes in Post-Iraq are over, his unregulated handling of the economy is over, his despicable Guantanamo Bay is over, his you’re with me or against me madness is over, Abu Ghraib is over, his war crime buddies Rumsfeld and Cheney are over, his secret CIA prisons and waterboarding are over, his blank cheque to Israel is over, his milking of Sept 11 is over, his attempts to re-write the powers of President and spying on Americans is over, his theft of the 2000 election has ended, his fear mongering has finished and his infantile attempts at justifying the whole stinking mess of his 8 stinking years has ended.

And not a fucking second too early. May history damn him for his lack of mental capacity and may history damn him for nearly destroying the dream of America to lead by example and for destroying the moral leadership of the West by eroding human rights with the pretense of protecting democracy and freedom. He has left America a much worse place than September 11 ever could and is lucky he’s not being dragged in front of a war crimes tribunal.

Good riddance to such bad rubbish.

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Stefan said...

I know you are hoping for the best and so am I.
I have reservations however - do you believe the points above will be addressed by the new guy?
C'mon, he's a figurehead, eye candy, opiate for the masses who before he even got elected owed over $700million in campaign expenses to big business.

Let's not forget the CFR, the Bilderbergers, Wall Street and the military industrial complex - this guy will do what he is told just like the last one did.

I hope I'm wrong but history tells me to wait and see.