Sunday, December 14, 2008

Am I hearing right?

So John Key has said that he will meet HH The Dalai Lama when he visits NZ in December next year. I'm pretty meh about anything JK does, but what I was more surprised about was that Steven Wong would make such thinly veiled threats against JK as "It is not a good move, and Mr Key will find it hard to find any Chinese here who will support his decision to meet the Dalai Lama." (Um, excuse me, I'm Chinese and I could not be more ecstatic that the DL, a revolutionary and a role model for all, is coming to our shores). To me, it defies belief that New Zealand Chinese people (if I am to believe our self-appointed spokesperson, Steven Wong), who have suffered so much discrimination over the years in Aotearoa, would in turn discriminate against Tibetans who, in international law, have a right to their own land (not that anyone in the world will acknowledge that).

I am also reminded of the hypocrisy visited upon Palestine. It appears so far that the Obama administration will do nothing when it comes into power to stop the apartheid-like conditions in the Gaza Strip inflicted by the Israelis, Americans and, by implicit consent through silence, the West and other Arab nations on the Palestinians, who have been reduced to living like animals in their own land (which, like Tibet, the world does not acknowledge). Obama should know that human and civil rights apply to Palestinians, not just African Americans. It's called racism against the weak by one who has himself been persecuted. I hope he proves me wrong...but so far, the signs are not looking good. It's difficult when you might have to be a bitch to the corporates who funded your campaign and you surround yourself with staunch pro-Israelites like Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel. But perhaps it's all for appearance's sake to appease people who shouldn't really need to be appeased. I really hope he proves me wrong.
If not, as with Steven Wong's statements, the hypocrisy defies belief.


Anonymous said...

When did I say that? Steven Young

Steven Young said...

It's nice to be quoted but only if the quotation hasn't been fabricated! I'd like to know where and when I made the statement attributed to me.

As for being a "self appointed spokesperson": I am the President of the New Zealand Chinese Association, in fact the national president of 13 branches from around NZ, elected by Annual Conference of the membership. Self-appointed?

If Lisa has ambitions of being a serious commentator (and not some smart kid who fancies she can now type) she needs to learn 1) to cite where quotations came from, and 2) do her research before rushing into print. Hypocrisy indeed!

Lisa knows where to find me. She should present herself for admonishment - if not chastisement!


Lisa Loves Life said...

Apology to Steven Young and to the public:

The references to Steven Young in this article should be to Steven Wong, chairman of the United Chinese Association of New Zealand.