Thursday, September 4, 2008

You know my eco steez

One of the things holding the eco revolution back from a global embrace (apart from corporations, government policy, humans, technology and consumerism of course)is....

Come on you know its true.

Eco-friendly clothes are too busy 'breathing' to be bangin.
Eco-friendly decor usually means curled out fork-mobiles and pseudo-ethnic shit soaked in liberal guilt.
Eco 'gossip' usually means you are a professional buzz-killer at parties.

Well I am starting to see these old truths evaporate as a genuine eco-media has been emerging. This new-wave is catering to the often overlooked and forgotten greeny....

The cool one.

My fav site so far would have to be
Check out this Chrome-free sustainable Hess Natur Fur Vest for the fashionista that just can't give the Mariah Carey life up.

And my fav, for the coffee head who wants to look like they don't give a fuck when secretly they do!

Then there's which is like where NW and trashy celeb hating meets environmentalism! They have fashion, music, film/tv,animals, events, shopping and gift-giving... where I found my future dinner-set.

Finally there is the awesome, self-proclaimed hip & easy
The site pledges to many relieved readers:
"No guilt-trips. Never any sacrifice. We offer insights into cutting-edge products and services, emerging trends, and innovation underway to bring our lifestyles into balance with nature"

Heres a cool talk the founder and lazy environmentalist Josh Dorfman gave in the Google Authors series.

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