Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sea Change - Labour up, National down

Latest poll good news for Labour
An opinion poll released today shows a significant increase in support for Labour, and National's lead has been reduced to just 6.5 percentage points. The New Zealand Morgan poll was the best news for the Government in a long time and follows the trend of other recent surveys which have shown the gap narrowing. Labour gained four points to 38 per cent support while National slipped 3.5 points to 44.5 per cent. On August 24 a TV3/TNS poll showed a similar result, with National's lead down to 11 points compared with 16 points earlier in the year. On August 28 a New Zealand Herald/DigiPoll showed a gap of 13.7 points compared with 24.6 points in July. Morgan researchers said the 6.5 point gap was the closest in nearly a year, since October 2007 when National was on 45 per cent and Labour on 40 per cent.

I was talking about a sea change after 'Labour Plus' voters went from being pissed off with Labour and the tight economic conditions food prices and oil prices were placing on people to actually asking what National intend to do in power, and the secret agenda element has now convinced enough voters that they aren't actually all that sure of what it is National intend to do if in power. With the Greens on 8%, with the Maori Party strengthening, it is time for the Greens and the Maori Party to start nutting out their bottom line arrangements for a coalition with Labour, because while I have little time for National, I have bugger all for Labour as well, they have done piss all in 9 years to move forward with progressive policy and it's only when they have a gun to their head that they'll do anything. They're simpering support of NZ First shows how far they will go to try and give Winston a lifeline so they don't have to deal with the Maori Party or the Greens. Time to turn the screws, how bad does Helen want a 4th term?

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