Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Perhaps occupation rots the ethical soul of the occupier as much as it does the occupied?

Israelis vote on new leader
Members of Israel's ruling party has voted for a new leader to replace Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who has promised to resign following a corruption investigation in which he faces indictment. But whether Tzipi Livni or fellow cabinet minister Shaul Mofaz secures the support of a majority of the 74,000 members of the centrist Kadima party, Olmert may stay on as caretaker premier for weeks or months – and Israel's fractious coalition politics could yet mean an early parliamentary election.

I haven’t really blogged much on that corrupt old rascal Ehud Olmert, why kick someone when they are down? but it has made me wonder that if perhaps continuing a brutal 4 decade long multiple human rights abusing occupation over land that is not yours in the face of international law makes you a less ethical person? I mean if you are going to humiliate a people and impose unethical group punishment while stealing land, what’s a little corrupt business dealing between friends huh?

Bye bye Olmert, you corrupt old rascal you.

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