Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keywee Dad’s choke on their Weet-Bix

Black Power makes Treaty claim
Black Power has lodged a Treaty of Waitangi claim saying gangs exist because of colonisation. The gang says it is not about seeking compensation or engaging in bitching or whining. But some MPs want the Waitangi Tribunal to boot it out of the process. Wellington gang spokesman Eugene Ryder, who the Herald understands to be a major driver behind the claim, would not provide specifics but said the gang was not seeking money. Gangs did not just appear out of nowhere, the social conditions for them arose out of colonisation, Mr Ryder said. "The object of the claim is education as to why we're in the position we're in. "It's the story of our lives really and the way we're treated. From our perspective there have been multiple Treaty breaches, every article has been broken. "The way we've dealt with the different breaches is to get together with other like-minded people."

This story made me grin until my cheeks hurt, can you imagine some of our more blinkered minded friends in NZ waking up to this story this morning? Red necks would gleam crimson with incandescent rage, blood pressure temperatures would contribute to spikes in global warming as Keywee Dads around the nations breakfast tables struggle for air as they combust with vehement fury over the Weet-Bix. The mere notion that Black Power are even allowed to speak without getting arrested, let alone mention the C word and lodge a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal could be causing anger induced strokes as we speak. I wonder if Leighton Smith and Michael Laws might die live on air this morning?

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