Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Secret Water

Complaints over secret agreements
An attempt to hold negotiations over Auckland’s water services in secret might be a breach of the law, Progressive Wigram MP Jim Anderton says. He is going to the Ombudsman and Auditor-General with complaints over a ‘confidentiality agreement’ Watercare has tried to make Auckland councils sign. The agreement would stop councils from disclosing any details about the transfer of water businesses to Watercare. Jim Anderton says the agreement appears to be an attempt to thwart the law around official information - in particular the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. It provides the only grounds councils can use to restrict disclosure of information. It also provides for redress through the Ombudsman.

Why the hell is the largest water monopoly gaining total secrecy under the new Super City to take over all the water services in Auckland? These are assets that NZers have built up over generations and they are to all be handed over to Watercare in total secrecy?

First ACT and National ram through the annexation of Auckland under a misuse of urgency, then appoint 5 of Rodney’s unelected mates to run it (quorum is only 2 on that board by the way) oh and the Chair of Rodney’s unelected board just happens to be the head of Watercare who are now trying to smoother any public scrutiny on them seizing the rest of Aucklands water resources.

How’s that change feeling Auckland? Auckland Labour voters didn’t vote last year in droves meaning the last election was one of the lowest turn outs ever, will Labour voters stay at home again in Auckland in 2011 after seeing National and ACT steal their city off them readying it for mass privatization?

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