Sunday, June 28, 2009

wondering what to tick....?

My friend gave permission for me to post his correspondence up ~

"Kia ora Sue,

Regarding the upcoming referendum and its ambiguous, leading question, I wanted to ask if you would make a statement of how you would suggest those who disagree with the wording of the referendum should answer. I've so far heard of a number of options: ticking every box, not answering at all. For those who are supportive of the current legislation but against the referendum, what would you suggest? There must be so many New Zealanders against the wording of it, but obviously if as many of us as possible answer it in protest in the *same* way, the impact will be felt more by the instigators, and at a government level.

Many thanks for your time Sue.
Dudley Benson"


"Hi Dudley

Sue Bradford has asked me to respond to your email regarding the very confusing referendum question. You will probably have seen the intense media response to this, which has taken up a lot of Sue’s time over the last few days. However the Green “position” is that people should respond to the referendum by voting “yes” in spite of its ambiguity. This is the position the NGOs who supported the s59 Bill throughout have taken and this response is in support of them. You may know their website Sue Bradford has also launched a Private Member’s Bill on Referenda which I will attach to this email for your information.

Kind Regards

Geraldine Molloy
Executive Assistant to Sue Bradford MP"

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