Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anne Tolley is Ronald McDonalds new girlfriend

Alarm over rise in junk food options
School tuckshops are selling 14 per cent more junk food such as pies and sausage rolls than last year, sparking calls for the reinstatement of healthy eating guidelines. The Green Party released its annual school food survey yesterday. It showed a 14 per cent rise in pie, hot dog, sausage roll and hot-bite sales compared with the year before. More than half of the 50 schools surveyed sold donuts, cookies and cakes while 42 per cent sold chips. The Green Party says the survey results show an urgent need for the reinstatement of the School Food Guidelines ditched by Education Minister Anne Tolley this year. Tolley told The Press schools were still required to promote healthy food and drink options and she trusted school boards of trustees to make appropriate decisions. Green Party health spokeswoman Sue Kedgley said schools were now free to sell as much junk food as they pleased.

Of all the stupid things National have done since becoming Government, deciding to allow junk food back into schools BECAUSE it was – get this – “Political Correctness” to ban them in the first place was petty and blind stupidity at its worst? Ask anyone working with child obesity and the issues poverty play within obesity about the intelligence of this move, look at the concentration rates from children not popped up to the eyeballs on sugar and fat and how much better they perform, talk to nutritionists about how children learn healthy eating styles and everyone of them were critical of this jawdroppingly moronic move by Tolley. The only reason why Tolley would agree to letting junk food back into schools would be because of industry pressure from big sugar and schools complaining about a drop in revenue, letting junk food back into schools is not in the interests of the child health wise or educationally. National need to admit they got it wrong and had used the nanny state bogeyman for the usual political and cultural advantages and ban junk food from schools, it really is as simple as that - they’re wrong and they need to admit that.

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