Monday, March 2, 2009

From medieval law and order policy to changing your bill of Rights

Remember that drunk on Eye to Eye who started a despicable slur against gay people by comparing them with paedophiles?

“Paedophiles, like homosexuals, 30 years ago homosexuals had, according to experts, a disease and they needed to be cured and it was a spectacular failure because homosexuality is a sexual orientation, so we decided that because there were 10 per cent of people who were homosexual it was no longer a disease.

"Paedophiles cannot be cured any better than…," he continued, before being interrupted by other panel members.

Yeah well that drunk is Sensible Sentencing hangman and ACT party MP David Garrett. Currently Garrett is pretending that his 3 strikes and you’re screwed won’t cost $30billion because second time offenders will get a maximum sentence (he hopes they will die before they re-offend for the 25 year 3rd strike) and because they will go overseas. Firstly the second offence can be for something as low as a 5 year sentence so maximizing the second crime may be for as little as 5 years, that won’t kill off the prison population and the idea that these prisoners will then leave overseas with their criminal convictions is just a bloody joke. So now our favorite jumped up little Reservoir Dog, David 'Mr Pink' Garrett not only wants to initiate law and order policy that National’s own Attorney-General describes as such ” severe punishment it would breach fundamental human rights of New Zealanders”, yeah well surprise surprise, Mr Pink wants to change the NZ Bill of Rights

His direct quote when told his brutal new law would breach the NZ Bill of Rights – wait for it “So what?”

His words now "Alter the Bill of Rights Act. We've got too hung up on people's rights."

We are too hung up on people’s rights??????? – his words, not mine. Start feeling very frightened now. Would anyone want a drunk homophobe who is promoting law and order legislation that would be so severe it would breach our bill of rights fucking around with our bill of rights in anyway shape or form?

It took a couple of months, but the real right wing are now starting to peep out from under the veneer of moderation, his opinion of our rights and his desire to circumvent them for only groups David deems as okay is an influence in Parliament that no free citizen would want to continue.

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