Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Clerk of the House advises that urgency be accorded the introduction and first reading of the Taxation (Business Tax Measures) Bill, the Gangs and Organised Crime Bill, the Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Amendment Bill, and the Sentencing (Offender Levy) Amendment Bill.

Urgency is supposed to be used rarely for urgent issues, National are using it to ram through poorly thought out dog whistle legislation in a pack rape of the select committee process, the likes of which we need to go back to 1998 to get another example of. Ramming through legislation that the other political parties haven't even been able to fully read is an outright abuse of our democracy and misusing urgency is not 'change' one can believe in. Giving cops the power to rob you of your DNA merely on being arrested is despicable enough, but these pricks want the cops to have that power based on nothing more than suspicion, Jesus wept folks, if that isn't enough to scare your shit white, then look at the extra surveillance powers they want where the Police can break into your home, plant spy cameras and record you for a couple of days WITH NO WARRENT.

NZ, you are being tricked into consent of a massive erosion of civil rights by National blindsiding Parliamentary process.

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