Monday, February 23, 2009

United States of Torture

Freed Guantanamo prisoner alleges torture
A British resident held at Guantanamo Bay for more than four years has returned to Britain a free man and accused the US government of inflicting "medieval" torture on him – with British collusion.
Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian citizen with British residence, was returned on a charter flight after the US government agreed last week to a British request to free him. All charges against him were dropped and he was never tried.
He is the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be freed since US President Barack Obama came to power with a pledge to shut the prison. Human rights groups say 241 Muslim detainees remain at the camp, including one other British resident.
Mohamed, 30, said he was "neither physically nor mentally capable" of facing the media after nearly seven years in captivity, but in a statement he denounced the US government.
"I have been through an experience that I never thought to encounter in my darkest nightmares," he said via his lawyers in a statement issued shortly before he stepped gingerly off an airplane at a British military airport looking thin and frail.
"Before this ordeal, 'torture' was an abstract word for me. I could never have imagined that I would be its victim. It is difficult for me to believe that I was abducted, hauled from one country to the next, and tortured in medieval ways – all orchestrated by the United States government," he said.

Wow, so this is what the West did to win the war on terror, torture and abuse to bring freedom and democracy, why it almost sounds like the crazy evil we were supposed to be fighting doesn’t it folks? What a sickening reminder of the hypocray of the West and the horror of the Bush years. When the West tortures, we lose all moral high ground to lecture the dictatorships we prop up to sell us cheap oil, oh wait, we don’t have any fucking moral leg to stand on do we.

Remember all those NZers who sprayed foam braying to join the war on terror, they’re pretty quiet these days. Are we fighting for freedom and democracy when we get into these wars, is Afghanistan really about freedom and democracy? I thought we were in Afghanistan because we were trying to find Osama Bin Laden, wasn’t Alexander the Great the last military leader to hold Afghanistan? Why do we think the West with it’s hands covered in the blood of civilians think it has the moral compass to decide for the people of Afghanistan?

We lost the war on terror a long time ago.

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