Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy State inject hate into prisons and defends stealing your DNA for cops

No frills for new prisons says National
Justice Minister Simon Power says prisons built by National will not have underfloor heating, plasma TVs or flash gymnasiums and could include inmates being housed in prefabricated cells from 2012. Mr Power said the Corrections Department was investigating "prefabricated modular units", which could be built for about half the $643,000 per-cell prisons built under the last government.

No one has done more to inject hate into the law and order debate than Simon Power. He used the plasma TV issue (bought because they could be mounted flat on a wall to stop prisoners being able to touch them and being flat they could be viewed by more prisoners) and underfloor heating (the cheapest option to heat the prison) to whip up hatred towards prisoners by painting prison out to be some sort of adult Disneyland, once again this prick quips that the gyms in prison could sell annual subscriptions. His suggestion is shitty built cheap pre-fabricated prisons where they can cram as many human beings in as possible effectively warehousing prisoners, why? Because National (supported by ACT who are bloated to significance by the death penalty fantasists in the Sensible Sentencing lynch mob) have passed medieval law and order policy that will dramatically increase the already overcrowded prison population and the corporate private prisons companies they want to bring into run these things only build cheap pre-fabricated ill equipped prisons with zero interest in rehabilitation services.

Watching nACTional inject hate into social policy so that social policy becomes warped meaning we end up with worse prisons which only exacerbate the behaviour of the damaged individuals who become more damaged by the process and have the whole thing sold as a ‘solution’ makes me wonder if NZ will ever grow up. With Unemployment tipped by the Minister of Social Development to be as high as 14%, you can see why National are scrambling to put massive, cheap, private prisons into place – they have a plan for all those angry poor NZers.

Oh and notice how Simon glossed over the major change to allow the Police to take your DNA by force merely for being arrested, scrapping all judicial oversight, I said it yesterday and I will continue to make this stand, I will NOT hand over my DNA to the cops merely for being arrested, this is a gross attack on our civil rights as New Zealanders and one that I point blank refuse to be part of, I am 100% behind taking DNA if you are convicted of a serious crime, but I will act with total civil disobedience to any Police Officer trying to take my DNA merely for being arrested, and I recommend to everyother NZer to take the exact same stand. Ask David Dougherty what it feels like to have the Police use your DNA to stitch you up for a crime you haven’t committed.

Other than spitting directly into the face of the Police Officer, you can take my DNA from my cold dead hands John Key!

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