Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheating cops?

Police replace recruit test after discovery of cheat
Police have had to ditch their recruitment test questions and bring in a new set after they found a copy was being circulated among a small network of potential candidates. Police said they found out last Thursday that an applicant had access to the police officer recruitment test, prior to the testing day. They replaced the test with a new set of questions. They are looking at whether they can charge the person who used the circulated test questions and anyone else who might have been involved.

Hmmm, recruits who cheat to pass their exams to be a cop – not really the best start in a career of honest service protecting the public is it? How could a course that is only 19 weeks long be so difficult that you need to cheat to pass it anyway? I wonder if a new question will be asked in this exam,
If someone tries to pass off Police exams for sale do you
a) High five the officer offering the exam over a gangbang on the Clint Rickards memorial bonnet.
b) Seal the deal with a blaze up from the evidence locker.
c) Turn down the offer and become immediately ostracized by the ridiculously warped alpha male environment.

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