Thursday, January 8, 2009

The right to resist

What Israel are really trying to do in Gaza is destroy the right to resist. Behind the claim of self-defense what is Israel defending itself from? Resistance, resistance to an occupation, not only does Israel demand the right to occupy, they also demand the right to destroy any resistance to their occupation.

Most people defending Israel's disproportionate massacre use this,
“But they fired 7000 glorified steer like a drunk cow skyrockets at us”

Okay, why

”Because they hate us

Okay, why

”Because they hate Jews”

Weird huh, it’s not because Israel has forced an economic strangulation upon the people of Gaza or because of the 42 year long occupation, it’s because Palestinians are racist and hate Jewish people. It’s reminiscent of the type of reasoning American’s used when they were hit on September 11th, “Why us, why hurt us, we are such lovely people, they hate freedom and democracy”. There’s not even the attempt to understand the grievance and thus the response often ends up simply exacerbating the wound.

Hamas fire rockets at Israel because despite Gaza having no checkpoints and IDF posts, they are blockaded by the air, sea and land and it is in fact the largest open aired prison on the face of the planet and the continued occupation of the West Bank. Gaza is effectively still under occupation and they fire those glorified skyrockets that steer like a cow because they resist that occupation and the way to stop Hamas from firing rockets is to end the occupation, not increase it, not make it more bloody, not kill more people, not destroy more infrastructure, not bomb mosques, not bomb the University, not bomb the Parliament building, not bomb UN schools, not bomb civilians.

There is no military solution in Gaza.

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