Sunday, January 4, 2009

Predictions 2009:

TVNZ7 will get sold, Rodneys Razor gang will slash and burn while the slash and burn is spun as moderate, John Key to stop weekly press conferences once the really hard questions start in the media, Jeannette Fitzsimons will step down from the co-leader position of the Greens, Afghanistan will become worse and worse and NZ will be asked to send more ground troops which John Key will and we will lose our first soldier in this conflict, fighting will breakout between the Turks and Kurds as tensions mount over Kurdish desires to seize northern oilfields, Chinese abuse of African countries they are raping for resources will become a bigger issue, Zimbabwe will collapse and become the first of many new failed states in 2009, many more breakthroughs in genetic medicine, Helen Clark will take a job with the UN, the CERN particle collider will prove string theory correct and we will have 11 new dimensions to add to our Universe, global warming will speed up more ice melt throughout the year, climate deniers will continue to muddy the waters with quack science and slow any change to confront pollution, as Oil continues to plummet because of the massive down turn in the economy Russia, Venezuela and China will find it hard to justify their oppressive regimes without the cash to prop up their economies, the economic meltdown will be harder than anything we've ever faced (Volvo went from 41 970 orders in 2007 to 115 in 2008), unemployment will rise to 10% as an influx of NZers from Australia gallop back to NZ as Australia's economy collapses from a lack of Chinese prosperity, Protests in NZ will get a lot more violent, we will see our first death from the 'safe' Taser.

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Alkom said...

"the CERN particle collider will prove string theory correct and we will have 11 new dimensions to add to our Universe"

Thats a big call, i agree that we have many dimensions (already discovered millineia ago), my personal opinion is that it wont be based on string theory.

String theory is like forcing the universe to have a boundary on the quantum scale. one problem is string theory doesn't account for consciousness, another is that its so complex to describe that the information will be useless to 99% of the worlds population. My research leads me to believe that we don't need CERN to unlock the secrets of the universe. All matter and energy is connected, therefor the secrets lie within us.