Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Maori Flag on Harbour Bridge for Waitangi Day (how’s that ‘mana enhancing’ relationship going?)

Maori flag on bridge call a stunt – Henare
National MP Tau Henare has dismissed Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples' plea to fly the Maori flag above the Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day as an attempt to court free publicity. Mr Henare said he had little time for the idea, which Dr Sharples plans to ask National ministers to support as a symbol of the new direction the party is taking in its support arrangement with the Maori Party.

The Maori Party joined the mACTional coalition, not because National wanted to wrap itself in camouflage to make it’s hard right Daddy State agenda look moderate, oh no, the Maori Party joined the National Party because it would create a ‘Mana enhancing’ relationship. So in the spirit of that ‘mana enhancing’ relationship one would have thought the beige Obama, John Key, would have leapt at the chance to build that ‘mana enhancing’ relationship especially since John Key forced the Maori Party to vote in tax cuts that help the wealthy, raise truancy fines to $3000, pack rape the select committee process to ram through medieval law and order legislation and force through the right to sack, one would’ve thought that John Key surely would be happy to give the Maori Party some symbolic crumbs after all of that, but apparently not.

The Maori Party is already being told where to sit on the Parliamentary bus by the land of the wrong white crowd brigade of nACTional, how long will they put up with this bullshit?

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