Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Occupy, Resist, Produce!

"Almost entirely under the media radar, workers in Argentina have been responding to rampant unemployment and capital flight by taking over businesses that have gone bankrupt and reopening them under democratic worker management. It is an old idea reclaimed and retrofitted for a brutal new time. The principles are so simple, so elementally fair, that they seem more self-evident than radical when articulated by one of the workers: "We formed the co-operative with the criteria of equal wages and making basic decisions by assembly; we are against the separation of manual and intellectual work; we want a rotation of positions and, above all, the ability to recall our elected leaders." "

Article by the New Statesman.
The Take - Documentary

South America have always been on the receiving end of coporate exploitation. With the economy in it's self created recession, the people are taking the power back. Occupying the derelict factories. Resisting police eviction, and Producing inspiration for all social movements.

Take the Power Back.

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