Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mana enhancing and $3000 truancy fines

So we have one of the most bullied school populations in the world and we have just passed under a misuse of urgency unquestioned legislation that will see parents fined $3000 for truant children – and the Maori Party voted for this as part of their ‘mana enhancing’ relationship with NationalACT. How’s that mana enhancement feeling now? How reprehensible is it for a Government to ram through legislation that fines parents $3000 for skipping school when we have so many young people bullied, how about we make the school environments safer before we start fining parents, doesn’t it make sense that kids who are being beaten up and bullied at school are going to go truant and how offensive is it to have a fine system that starts at $300 but then jumps immediately to $3000? This fine system isn’t a solution it’s bullshit populist crap that is ill thought through and will actually make the situation worse, keep the kids safe at school and you will do more to decrease truancy than any nonsense fine system.

Mana enhancement huh?

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Bryna said...

WTF??? That's madness! Most of the parents of kids who are regularly skipping school would never be able to afford that!

I'm so sick of this dumb "Government" that we so stupidly let in.