Monday, November 17, 2008

Paula Bennett – the perfect patsy

From DPB to the top table for Bennett
Twenty years ago, Paula Bennett was a teenage Maori solo mum trying to get off the DPB by waitressing at a truck stop and washing dishes at a retirement home. Yesterday, Prime Minister-elect John Key chose her as his Minister of Social Development and Employment - giving her control of welfare policy and a massive $20 billion budget. The 39-year-old National Party MP was surprised when Mr Key rang her on Sunday with the proposal - a meteoric rise for the second-term MP. She admits she may even have squealed.

We all squealed mate, for the record I like Paula Bennett, I think she’s a really decent sort and her heart is very much in the right place which is why what mACTional are going to make her do will be so much more sickening, Paula has been picked as the patsy, Key is about to ram through his and ACT’s hard right manifesto and there will be the attempt to privatize social services and the face of this privatization via stealth is going to be Paula, someone who wouldn’t willingly ever screw over a fellow NZer but will be forced to implement a privatized social services system that will not be in the interests of NZ. My prediction is that by the end of this term we will see that spark of optimism in Paula’s eyes completely dead as the rich right wing finance boys make the solo mum beneficiary do all their dirty work. Of everyone in that cabinet, I feel most for what they will make her do, if you are going to assassinate social policy, it's always good to have a friendly faced patsy with zero experience in managing $20 billion.

NZ has been conned into believing National are change and moderate.

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