Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A marriage of dishonest convenience

Maori close to reaching deal with National
National is just days from sealing a historic deal with the Maori Party which is likely to see two ministerial posts taken by the smaller party in John Key's incoming Government. During an 80-minute meeting at Parliament yesterday, the two parties reached a draft agreement that the Maori Party's five MPs will now rapidly take around the country for approval at a series of hui. After the meeting, Maori Party co-leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples seemed optimistic and indicated they would be pushing the message that the deal should go ahead. It is understood Mrs Turia and Dr Sharples could take ministerial posts outside the Cabinet if an agreement is sealed - with one of them potentially even becoming Maori Affairs Minister.

I interviewed Dr Pita Sharples on Alt Tv as to why Pakeha should vote for the Maori Party, his response was that what was best for Maori was best for all NZers, but I wonder how many Pakeha or Maori voters for that matter, will see how giving bosses the ability to sack you for no reason after 90 days in an environment with 6.1% unemployment is going to be beneficial to anyone. What the Maori Party risks is a NZ First esk evaporation of the Maori seats if they allow themselves to be used as window dressing for the beige Obama’s inclusive moderate state, window dressing Key is going to desperately require when the 100 days of Daddy Sate blitzkrieg kicks off it’s legislative ceremony with the sacrifice of a Wise man from Botany Downs (it’s taken the right wing 9 years to find one). In each Maori Electorate the Labour Party Vote was unequivocal so those electorate majorities are not unassailable for Labour as the results of Policies start to bite disproportionatly, as they always do, on Maori, and who do the Maori Party think the nACTional Party are building all those prison labour privatized ‘correctional facilities’ for? It won’t be the kids from the suburbs who will be targeted with harsh ‘3 strikes and you’re fucked’ medieval law and order policy will it Dr Sharples?

Don't get me wrong, I believe that if the Maori Party were kingmakers the teaming up of National and Maori could have really created some amazing things, but this isn't a National Party, it's nACTional, ACT have already given full support to National, John Key can simply go to ACT whenever the Maori Party complain, they have no power and if the only reason to dance with the devil is to build a relationship, look at where that relationship is going, a referendum to ditch our representative form of government to a system that favours the elite and mass privatisation of our assets in 2011, remember National are just enactioning National lite this term, what relationship are you talking about here Dr Sharples?

In the book, The Hollow Men, National Party Svengali and now societal bridge builder, Matthew Hooten (rumour is the night after National won, Matthew dreamed in color for the first time in 9 years), told Brash in an email to manipulate a sympathy for Maori so as to gain power, Brash didn't listen to Matt’s advice and instead went for Maori bashing, it looks like Matt has won the argument and nACTional will use the Maori Party to create the illusion of moderation to help disguise NZers backlash gag on the National lite daddy state so as to implement the full bodied version in 2011, and that above all else is the highlight as to why this Maori/National relationship is so dishonest.

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