Thursday, November 6, 2008

West Side!

This is a great radio documentary by Roxy Wickerman. This October the Auckland City council hip hop summit focused on Avondale youth in Auckland - the featured 'ambassador' and facilitator in the doco is our very own Hayley J hosting the event here at the Avondale Community Centre.

Also featuring the MC workshop skills of our own Flowsion, this doco is another example of how educating kids in a fun way and within a framework they can relate to has positive outcomes. Crazy huh.


Flowsion said...

This interview is incredible. I was so proud to be apart of that day ..the kids were next level and Hayley - thankyou so so much you are the future cousin.

Respect goes out to Dale State 828!

Hayley J. said...

Respect right back at you...
Arohanui x