Friday, November 21, 2008

Disappearing Islands - by Jess Feast

This eight minute documentary follows Ursula Rakova has been forced to move from her island because of sea level rising.

Documentary maker, Jess Feast travelled to Bougainville, off the coast of Papua New Guinea and then further afield, to the Carteret Islands, with an incredible woman called Ursula Rakova. Ursula comes from the Carterets but she has now moved to Bougainville to try and arrange for the relocation of the 3000 islanders. They are being forced to leave their homes because of sea level rise. While there are other factors that may be affecting these islands (such as techtonic plate movement) it is likely this rising water is a result of climate change and we could be seeing a lot more of it.

The film is part of a series called 'Sisters on the Planet' - they tell the stories of women around the world who are affected by and taking action against climate change. The other stories are on this site:

Oxfam hope these films will act as a call to action. Along with the individual changes we're making to lower our impact on the planet, let's make sure our government is engaged not only in helping to reduce our carbon emissions and representing us on the international stage, but actively assisting our vulnerable Pacific neighbours to adapt to the changes that lie ahead.

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