Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ancient Greek creature of the day: The Manticore

THE MANTIKHORAS (or Manticore) was a fabulous man-eating Persian monster with the body of a lion, the face of a man, and a spike-tipped arrow-shooting tail. The name "Manticore" was reputedly derived from a Persian word meaning "man-eater."

Roman encyclopedia C1st A.D
"In the country of Aethiopia is born the creature that he calls the Mantichora, which has a triple row of teeth meeting like the teeth of a comb, the face and ears of a human being, grey eyes, a blood-red colour, a lion’s body, inflicting stings with its tail in the manner of a scorpion, with a voice like the sound of a pan-pipe blended with a trumpet, of great speed, with a special appetite for human flesh. Juba states that in Aethiopia the Mantichora also mimics human speech."

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