Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 Election Predictions

What a glorious weather day for democracy, how was that sun? What an exciting election, congrats to every citizen who took the time to exercise our most precious right and expressed their political will by voting. Whatever the result our high participation rate is something we can universally share deep pride in.


Will Peter Dunne keep his seat?

Women will determine this election, last time their vote was the deciding factor in keeping Labour in power.

Did the sudden influx of fresh Maori Party activists into key seats have an impact?

Will Maori give the balance of power within the Maori Party to Hawarira and Sharples against Tariana by party voting Labour?

Will Mike Williams mobility plan on election day redeem his H-Fee public relations fiasco, and if not is his last resort organizing mass Labour Party activists to mount charges at every single Maori Party Hui to hijack votes?

Will the 60 000 overseas votes have any impact?

Tragically the Greens tonight could win the battle but lose the war by having it’s best election result ever only to find a National-ACT anti-environment government.

Will Phil Goffs BBQ get a work out this Christmas regardless of the result?

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