Monday, October 27, 2008

The War on the World's Biggest Terrorist

Wowee, something of actual substance on the news - how did that sneak in there?

In between a nauseating soundbite and mugshot of Sarah Palin in an expensive pink suit and an item on how bikes are gonna cost NZ parents more this Xmas cos metal is now worth heaps due to the economic downturn, a small snippet about the latest US airstrike against Syria, which has allegedly killed eight civilians in the border town of Sukariya.

Why did it happen? The US has remained tight lipped, but I have a few ideas.

- Syria does not support the US’ murderous stance on Palestine.
- Syria does not support the US’ murderous stance on Iraq.
- Syria does not support Israel putting its filthy mitts all over Lebanon.
- Syria has been on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism since its inception in 1979 because of the above.

If you swapped “Syria” and US” around in all of those sentences, watch how the world would roar! Of course, none of this shit really matters when there are far more newsworthy items such as Britney’s return from the brink or the reasons for Owen Glenn's loneliness to fill the 6.35pm slot.

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stef said...

Now come on - please go back to sleep, there is nothing to be concerned about citizen!

Thanks for your thoughts. I agree and I'd like to add that although Syria has always been a (future) target for aggression, it appears to be a convenient diversion from the folly that is the popular western stance on the Iran nuclear program.
It appears to me that Iran's REAL problem is that their oil bourse will damage the petro-dollar (possibly bury it in the long term).