Monday, October 13, 2008

Popping a cap in yo arse

McCain: I will whip Obama's you-know-what
Republican John McCain dialed back personal attacks on Democrat Barack Obama over the weekend, but vowed he would "whip" his opponent's "you know what" when they clash this week in their final presidential debate this week.

I’m sorry, what? What did McCain say, is the guy even lucid anymore? Did McCain just imply he was going to ‘whip Obama’s arse’, in a country with the slave history of America, did McCain just say he would whip the black guy? Someone needs to check his meds because using whipping as your description of what the white guy intends to do to the black guy in a country built on the backs of slaves could monly be matched in tastelessness if Obama came out claiming that he was going to “Shoot McCain down and torture him for 5 years in the next debate”. This latest outburst shows the signs of a desperate campaign, and desperate they should be, Obama leads now in states that would give him 250 of the 270 electoral college votes he needs to become President, where as McCain only has about 190 electoral college votes from the states he leads in. With Obama simply needing 20 more electoral college seats from the 6 or so too close to call states what is looming isn’t just a victory, it’s a landslide that will hopefully bury this appalling Republican Party for a decade.

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