Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out-FOXED out-gunned

The disturbing thing is, general feedback from this notorious interview has been what an amazing journalist Megyn Kelly is, and boy didnt she show Burton who's boss, and wow you cant hide from the facts huh.

Um this looks like a psychotic woman screaming and interviewing herself to me, not a balanced electric debate (see FOX spell it out with 'Fair & Balanced' graphics written in the corner of Burton's shot). Obama is being slayed for previously having 'socialist' tendencies when I dont get 'hipy' vibes from anything he is quoted saying in 2001 (he does acknowledge 'redistribution of wealth' and 'community activities' being important to the civil rights movement uh-oh) so FOX prove Burtons point.

Journalistically this is just 12 types of wrong. Fox using its own news as a platform to defend itself.... thats pretty b-grade.

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