Monday, October 6, 2008

National flirting with hate

'Life for life' plan sparks call for death
National's hardline stance on our most serious criminals has sparked calls to go even further and bring back the death penalty for "animal" offenders. The National Party, which has a trend of making law and order a hot political topic during election campaigns, yesterday announced plans to put the worst offenders behind bars for life. A deluge of comments was posted on The Dominion Post's election website, Vote '08, with many people arguing that the toughest sentence should be imposed on serious offenders. "I would like to see our government reintroduce the death penalty. It's simply not good enough locking the grossest offenders up for life in some cushy cell with underfloor heating and widescreen television. The most serious crimes should carry the highest price ticket," one said.

When you flirt with hate over reason on social policy you touch off those dark parts of human beings, look at the above comment from one of our dear NZers, look at how deranged their view of the prison system is – ”cushy cell with underfloor heating and widescreen television” both of those issues, underfloor heating and flatscreen TVs were issues Simon Powers whipped up in to a foamy hate, when you flirt with hate as social policy, when you lick the nipples of ignorance, when you gently caress fear and suck anger the way National have, the reaction and demands of the hateful, ignorant, fearful and angry lurch to demanding the death penalty. Just as with Don Brash’s “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaori get too much”, National have fine tuned their Crosby and Texter message to escape the garden variety racism card by attacking a group almost as universally disliked as Maaaaaaaaaaori, and that’s prisoners, which is easy as a lot of those prisoners happen to be Maaaaaaaaori as well. True political leadership is not giving into the hateful and the angry and the ignorant and the fearful, true political leadership conquers the lesser angels of our nature and makes us go beyond fear, National have never done that.

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