Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Large Hadron Rap

Will Dr Michio Kaku be right? Will the CERN show a multi-dimension universe? What an exciting time to be alive for physics!

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Alkom said...

all they will find is the division of space, then they will need to build a bigger one to dived that particle. If their conclusions are a multi-dimensional universe then it points to a fractal structured universe -- witch we don't need a $6billon dollar machine to tell us, if you consider that humans come out of humans! not to mention that most other forms of life are all fractal structures aswell. Other physicist like "Nassim Harramein" have been talking about these concepts for years only being dismissed by the main stream physicist. His equations pretty much state we have to rethink the way we look at the universe, From biology to gravity and more. His equations predicted that sunspots are not just a surface event but a vortex that spirals down to the center of the suns core. which it self, is a singularity/blackhole. This was dismissed up until a few months ago when proven a type of ultrasonic scan of the surface.
He points out that you don't need a LHC to understand the fundamentals of this universe, it can all be described with math and geometry. He unifies Infinities and finites in his unification field theory. He unifies QED and relativistic equation in one idea. Something Physicists have been trying to do for the last 50 years, But the ideas are so mind boggling it would be hard for any straight thinking physicist to understand Yet his ideas are so simple even the general society would grasp them easier then trying to grasp the concept of quantum theory.
The next age of physics is coming and it aint gonna look like anything we expected. The key being geometry.