Monday, September 29, 2008

Israeli settlers add insult to injury

Attacks by settler extremists create headache for Govt
YITZHAR - A new dynamic has emerged in the West Bank: Jewish settlers block roads, burn tyres or set fire to Palestinian fields when troops try to dismantle unauthorised settlements. Activists call the tactic "price tag." They say they're creating havoc to try to deter the Israeli security forces from future attempts to remove any of the dozens of squatter camps, or outposts, dotting West Bank hills. Coupled with recent settler reprisal raids in Palestinian villages and a pipe bomb attack that wounded a prominent settler critic, the outpost battle revived debate about the dangers posed by ultra-nationalists.

Incredible isn’t it, not only do Israeli settlers have the audacity to steal and settle land that is not theirs, once forced off from their illegal settlements by the IDF, these Israeli settlers then turn on the Palestinian locals to attack them and make their life in the largest open air prison under a brutal 40 year occupation an even less pleasant experience. Those whacky Israelis.

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