Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Global Warming news for ACT

Glaciers shrinking in Southern Alps
New Zealand's glaciers are showing the lowest total ice mass on record with more than twice the volume of Rangitoto Island melting away in a year. Research released yesterday by the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research showed the Southern Alps glaciers had lost over 2.5cu km (2.2 billion tonnes) of permanent ice from April 2007 to March this year.
That is the fourth highest annual loss since monitoring started, leaving the glaciers with the lowest total ice mass on record of just 44.9cu km. Niwa principal scientist Jim Salinger told the Herald that was an 18 per cent loss since 1976 when 54cu km was recorded. The 2.2 billion tonnes loss from last year to the end of March was "very significant", he said.

And this will be great news for ACT who only last week were telling NZers that global warming will be a great benefit to NZers and that C02 is really a maligned nutrient that helps grow plants. Of course ACT didn’t really go into much detail beyond that so I’ll assume that they consider the rapid melting of the glaciers as a great opportunity to view mountains without that pesky ice getting in the way, perhaps Rodney Hide will spin this as a great opportunity for business to import and breed mountain goats on the now bare areas.

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