Saturday, September 13, 2008

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

"I stand in awe of the great unseen: a beam of light that encompasses all thoughtforms expressing as one's interplanetary notion of reality. i give thanks for the Great Potential: the virtual pulse for all beings of planet earth, the dead, and the elsewhere. kid sankofa calls out to planet earth: sleepwalkers, beware, and be weary of y'allselves, for the great awakening has already begun. YOU LATE! and being early won't help you neither, cause time is a false security that strives to foster an echo of love under the guise of discipline. in other words/worlds, let the fonk will set you free, homie"
- Georgia Anne Muldrow

Activate your soul and employ your mind! Most of the Mental Detox crew are obsessed with these guys already but its time to share the brilliance and the energy unlike any other. These guys are a cosmic spin on John & Yoko and make me believe in love between heavies... as well as believe in everything else there ever was. Easily in my top 5 artists/artist combos of all time.

To see some more mind-blowing cosmic artwork go to: the japanese artist based in seattle who paints the world how I secretly see it. Big sis hooked me on this guy (and everything else, kia ora!) Who can resist Jimi Hendrix coming out of a lotus? Not me.

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