Thursday, August 21, 2008

too many bloody kiwis in Germany

Today I had a date to see The Man:
theman this attractive beige building:

In Cologne, there are several mini-mayors and they are all controlled by the ober-mayor. I guess I have to get used to being a committed Bürger.
(Bürger means citizen).
And he will be my master.


On the wall in the immigration department, a poster reminded us of our ID photo requirements. Some Muslim women and actors out of the Matrix are clearly discriminated against.


Outdated hairstyles are also against the rules. German residents must not have hairstyles from 1992! Girlfriend!


On the way back home, we almost got re-directed in the subway to the social welfare court: but I don't think I'm quite at that point yet.

By international standards, the German welfare system is comprehensive and generous. However, not everyone benefits equally. In the mid-1990s, the so-called safety net was deficient for the lower-income strata and the unemployed. It was also inadequate for persons needing what Germans term "social aid," that is, assistance in times of hardship.

Despite the existence of a comprehensive interlocking social net, women face inequalities in accruing benefits in their own right because of periods spent rearing children or caring for an elderly parent. Divorced women also fare poorly because of the welfare system's provisions, as do widows, whose pensions are low.



coco said...

A world where Morpheus and his 'In Living Color' flygirls are banned? WHAT! You should be fighting the system for those reasons alone.

Remember my sausage stand business I had planned 'Best of the Wurst' before it got STOLEN! Man it was like 'Wok around the clock' all over again.

kinakoJam said...

one day justice will be served!! with extra mustard!!