Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peters gone by Lunchtime!

Winston Peters - Going, going ...
The Serious Fraud Office probe into New Zealand First's finances announced late yesterday makes Winston Peters' suspension as a minister unavoidable. Mr Peters was defiant last night in the face of the announcement of an investigation into the fate of donations to his party, calling the inquiry "ridiculous in the extreme". However, the serious nature of the probe makes it impossible for him to hold a Government role as crucial as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

You can’t make this stuff up, the Serious Fraud Office, about to be voted out of existence next week in Parliament in a dissolution that has been criticized as being a move by the Police to adopt further powers under the guise of ‘Da gangs’, rather than any legitimate way to police organized crime seizes a moment to investigate Peters and possibly disrupt the legislative calendar before the election thus putting their execution off. The fact that it is the SFO at Peters throat is an irony so rich and creamy it could only be thickened by taxpayer gravy money. He is gone, he is so gone, he is gone burger, he is gone burger with fries. His goose is cooked, he’s fucked, so fucked.

What will Helen do?

She will sack him, they don’t have any more confidence and supply issues and she can string him up the second the ETS is passed, so it will still be November 8th election. Much has been made by the right of her ‘lying via omission’ but that’s weak, a Prime Minister knows a lot of things in confidence, she had his word against a claim and no further evidence, being aware of a conflict doesn’t make her responsible for it. Another claim is that Owen Glenns lawyer will drop some more bombshells that Helen wouldn’t want out and so she will dissolve Parliament, this is very far fetched. Glenn was fucked off with Winston lying, he’s dating Labour and just paid off Labour’s ugly flat mate, he’s got no love for the ugly flat mate, but is still going out with Labour. His aim is at Winston, not Clark.

Her reaction to this will be a critical factor in the publics perception, if she shows leadership and publicly executes him, it could show her as decisive, if she slaps him with a bit of wet celery Key wins the moment. FASCINATING just fascinating! For political junkies this really is heaven.

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