Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Neo Con cluster fuck

George W Bush under pressure to take tougher line with Russia
Hawks in the American government are pushing President Bush to take a much tougher line towards Russia, putting the US and Russia on a collision course to a new Cold War.

Hardliners are trying to wrest control of foreign policy from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is widely blamed for failing to predict the Russian invasion of Georgia ten days ago.
White House advisers say events in the Caucasus have strengthened the hand of neoconservatives, who have been steadily losing influence in Washington since the botched Iraq campaign.
The hawks are pushing for the US to press Nato to bring Georgia and the Ukraine into the alliance by the end of the year, as a way if deterring further Russian aggression.
Allies of Vice President Dick Cheney are also pressing Mr Bush to seek Russia's expulsion from the G8 group of leading economies.
They were also instrumental in pushing ahead with a missile defence deal with Poland on Thursday, which led to Russian threats that Poland is now a target for Moscow's nuclear arsenal.
"We've got to get Georgia and the Ukrainians into Nato," said one former White House official, who still advises the Bush administration. "What we've got now, promising them future entry but not yet, is the worst of all worlds. It is a red rag to the Russians and does nothing to protect these new allies."

The very last thing you would want is Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, the 5th article states an attack on one is an attack on all – is NATO going to go to war with Russia over Georgia and the Ukraine? Like hell they are, and such a move would enrage the Russians, what the Neo Cons fail to grasp is how their maneuvers to verify Kosovo and the missile defence shield looks to Russia, to Russia it looks like encroachment, and they aren’t going to put up with that, and attempting to blame Rice as they have for not telling Saakashvili that America wouldn’t back his South Ossetia adventure they way they backed Israel’s Lebanon adventure is hardly Rice’s fault, Bush fell in love with Saakashvili and his trip to Georgia was the only one he took in 8 years where he was welcomed so Bush wasn’t being anything other than dewy eyed to the Western leaning Saakashvili.

We saw them take the same bullshit steps with North Korea…

'Intel spin' by US hardliners sparked NKorean crisis: book
WASHINGTON (AFP) — In circumstances echoing the Iraq war controversy, hardliners in US President George W. Bush's administration spun intelligence and triggered a nuclear crisis with North Korea, says a new book to be released this week.
Intelligence on a North Korea effort to acquire components for uranium enrichment was politicized to depict the hardline communist state running a full-fledged production facility capable of developing a nuclear bomb, said the book by former senior CNN journalist Mike Chinoy.
Now with the Los Angeles-based Pacific Council on International Policy, Chinoy wrote "Meltdown: The inside story of the North Korean nuclear crisis" after gaining unprecedented access during his 14 trips to North Korea and conducting 200 interviews in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo and other Asian capitals.
The book showed that US intelligence did discover in 2002-2003 a North Korea effort to acquire components that could be used for uranium enrichment but that it was only a procurement effort.
There was no credible intelligence that North Koreans actually had a facility capable of making uranium based bombs.
Yet, conservative hardliners bent on ending an "Agreed Framework" nuclear deal with North Korea forged under president Bill Clinton's administration seized on the issue to force a confrontation, the book said.

You can bully North Korea, Russia is another kettle of fish entirely and the Iraq war abortion where no weapons of mass destruction were found, no credible threat existed, no credible links between Saddam and Bin Laden existed and evidence showing Iraq buying yellow powder for weapons was proven false – leading to the Bush administration illegally releasing the identity of an acting CIA agent (for which Scooter Libby will be paid out with a pardon in January as Bush steps down) should rule the Neo Cons out from ever having Executive influence over any foreign affairs policy ever again.

The Neo Cons and their perverse ideology from Leo Strauss with his noble lies and deadly truths need to be burnt at the stake and then crucified, the manipulation of Strauss’s noble lies and deadly truths by the Neo Cons has put the entire planet’s safety at danger with their desperate need to confront the evils they want a flag blinded America to rally around and attack so that fear binds Americans rather than freedom and individualism. No more Project for the New American Century stones of tablets from these people, they are intellectually bankrupt.

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