Monday, August 11, 2008

Give John Key a round of applause, the boy can be taught.

One thing you have to congratulate that nice and smiling moderate multi-millionaire John Key on with his Welfare Policy, is that he’s shown he can learn to swallow those dead fishes with a side order of dead rat.

When you compare this welfare policy to their last welfare policy, you realize John has clicked that crazy punitive after church public floggings of bennies frightens the MMP horses a bit, remember when Don Brash wanted to forcibly adopt out any child born by a solo mother who already had one? His wife may have been from Singapore, but his welfare policy was from China’s one child state enforced family planning department, I mean who forces state adoptions these days? Weren’t the last two Apartheid South Africa and Tasmania? Sure forced adoptions would ‘cure’ the problem in the same way shooting every single first offender would ‘cure’ recidivism, but isn’t the ‘cure’ worse than the disease, and how come merely suggesting the ‘cure’ is worse than the disease suddenly ends with a braying scream of “Political Correctness”? My personal favourite was when Don wanted all the poor to wait in lines outside their local Post Office for odd jobs to be paid out at the end of each day, the absolute disconnect with reality he managed to articulate in that one early political comment of his never earned much political capital with me, but then again Judith Collins in 2002 certainly showed his misperceptions weren’t isolated when she described beneficiaries as “People who sit around all day watching Sky TV, living off the taxpayer, letting their children run riot and getting stoned.” That’s only topped by John Key early in his political career when he described woman on the DPB as “breeding for business”, (isn’t breeding just one of those words a politician really ought not ever bring up?). I’m not sure what DPB women they are meeting, but the ones I know are women who have left their bloke because he’s beating the shit out of them and are forced onto a sustenance benefit that barely keeps the heaters on. Why the National Party spends so much time on solo mothers is a debate for psychology, what is up with rich people eyeing the bedrooms of the poor, some type of SILF fascination? But if National were so concerned with the welfare of women on the DPB then why don’t I hear that, why do I only hear threats to remove benefits from some women who are in desperate need as a blanket response to a problem that requires much more understanding than National supporters are willing to offer?

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