Sunday, August 31, 2008

Deadline tonight for Treaty claims

Deadline tonight for Treaty claims
Midnight tonight is the deadline for Maori to lodge historical claims over Treaty breaches with the Waitangi Tribunal. But while National and Labour say the deadline is good for iwi and the country, the Maori Party says it would revisit the issue if it was part of the next government. Tomorrow the tribunal will still have jurisdiction over contemporary breaches, but any claim relating to a Crown act or omission before September 21, 1992, has to be filed today. If it is not lodged the tribunal cannot investigate because of a 2006 amendment to the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act which set the deadline. Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell said while he wasn't adverse to a cut-off point for historical grievances, September 1 was picked in a political environment which was more concerned about winding up the the so-called "Treaty industry's gravy train", rather than for any concern for settling claims justly, he said.

Why force a cut off? Other than a belief that the process is one giant gravy train grievance industry which is just a talkback fantasy, why put the justice element of all of this at risk? Because Labour need some make up for this election to mask some of the massive backward steps Labour have taken with Maori, ever since Don Brash’s ‘Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaori get too much’ bullshit which fueled a massive garden varity provincial bigotry to spark to life, Helen has always allowed National to race bait and set the tune for her jig, rather than standing up to beige NZ, Helen has capitulated every time since Orewa reminded her that red necks can still become enflamed. That’s no excuse for not debating the issue and winning it, but it does explain this move.

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coco said...

I know, while we're putting a curfew on justice why don't we make it so the police are only available til 6pm eh. How about ice caps can only melt up until next year from the effects of climate change and lets put a time limit on when other ethnicities are allowed to oppose their treatment historically too.

When I think of situations being rectified, resolved and the law oh I dont know, WORKING, I don't really think we should hear a ticking noise.

Unfortunately for the idealistic crips and bloods - whoops I mean Labour and National - Maori being angry about land confiscation won't ever expire no matter what the calendar says.