Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Manurewa perspective

For 15 years we have watched the little terrors (shits) on our block grow up into big pains in the arse!

Everynight we arrive home only to find a hoard of bored looking young teenagers all dressed in red colours with dark shades and branding their bandanas on their heads ( nappy heads ) or swinging the flags from their hip pockets...

Not detered from their hard stares as we get out of our vehicle to open our gates (right next to where they're standing)

Our gaze meets, give the head nod for recognition of our history as neighbours then proceed to drive our car in the gate.

I say history because when we see these "gangs" we remember back to our house being robbed, fences tagged on, dog teased, urinating through our fence, jumping our fence to take the dog on, leaving their empty bottles of alcohol where they stand after a night of ganster rapping outside our gate. (These raps that the young teenagers recite are direct insights into their futures and their history..."MUTHER FUCK THIS MUTHER FUCK THAT, I DONT GIVE A FUCK, HE DONT GIVE A FUCK"

We tell them where to go with their attitude and their rubbish, but in fear of retailiation on our mum or house whilst we are at work, we would rather increase security measures (leave multiple baseball bats hidden around the property, buy more dogs) and have the police on speed dial (not that dialing that number helps these days).

This is our everyday life in the heart of Manurewa Clendon South Auckland...where in the past 2 months 3 murders have taken place, three "P" labs have exploded and countless children try to take their lives by stepping out onto the street 'without noticing' the bus heading in their direction!

Gangs in the neighbourhood are becoming more and more noticable...more so then 10 years ago...who remembers the rise and fall of Bloods an Crips? why did this occurance happen and why did this occurance stop? And why is there now a resurgance from the youth towards Bloods and Crips?

Poor parenting? Poor education? Poor government? Or just plain poor?

For far too long gangs have driven good people who just try to live and let live out of the neighbourhood leaving only the Rats that infest and pollute our very environment. We are the only house on the block that is paid in full and we have no intention on moving.

In our fence line our sanctuary exists, however the screams of the house alarm sirens constantly remind us of our reality...

How many others are in this situation? What to do?

This what we have been doing for the past 15 years..

Keep your head up and be staunch, but smart enough to avoid confrontation...

If confrontation occurs...police dont do much except patrol the streets at the wrong times and in the wrong places...dont expect the police to be at the scene within the hour...by then who knows what can happen...

I say call your cousins...best friends...uncles...aunties, at that fact form a united front and take the fucks on!

After all is said and done at least you will have the satisfaction of letting them know that your not just gonna roll over...
I used to say "increase the peace" now it's "peace is what happens after war".

"Don't push me...cause i'm close to the edge...I'm trying not to lose my head"

(This was sent to me by south sider Exile - thanks for your awesome contribution e hoa)