Tuesday, July 22, 2008

R.I.P DJ KSWIFT (1980 - 2008)

Sad news that one of Baltimore's finest club DJ's KSWIFT (Khia Edgerton) passed away a couple of days ago in tragic a swimming pool accident. I had never heard of her previously but on doing some research she was actually an incredible person! Not only was she one of the only female DJ's constantly rocking the biggest clubs on the eastern boarder but she was a radio personality, entrepreneur and understudy to greats such as Cocoa Channel and Jazzy Joyce .... all of this at the age of 28!!!!
What does this have to do with the Mental Detox kaupapa you may ask? Well I was just inspired by this lady as not only a DJ but a hard working kick as wahine!

"She was special because she was more than just a DJ, she was role model for young people. They looked up to her,” said Nikki Howse, program director for 92Q, the Baltimore radio station where Swift earned her fame.
If you don't much about B-more's club scene I suggest you do some digging ... its one of the most raw sub genres of dance music in the world. Its kind of like a mix of 90's Detroit house tech, hip hop, hints of Chicago soul peppered with a heavy dose of ghetto attitude.
So it is with much regret that one of the best DJ's on the scene had passed away so early in her career ..
Rather then act like I know her history its best to check this link and find out how cool she was yourselves....
Moe mai e hine ......

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